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    1. Reinforced 2.34mm Heavy Gauge High Count Bonnel Spring System
    ? Adds to the overall strength and Durability of the spring unit allowing even body weight distribution and giving your body maximum support.
    ? 11 Posture bars covering 60% of sleeping area for maximum weight bearing capabilities.
    2. 4mm Gauge border Wire
    ? Provides a firm edge to the mattress to prevent sagging edges.
    3. Breathable Insulator Pads for Durability, Stability and Support
    ? Acts as a buffer Zone between Spring and Foam providing a smooth surface over the Spring Unit. The Breathability allows for ventilation which promotes for a cooler sleeping surface and adds to the overall hygiene of your mattress.
    4. Highest Quality Abundant Class 30/16 Density Foam
    ? Added Luxury, Extremely durable for Ultimate comfort and support providing a Plush yet very Supportive feel to promotes pressure point relief and enhance blood circulation for a better night?s sleep.
    5. Luxurious Knitted Fabric Quilted to 270gram Dacron Fiber plus 8mm Class 20/16 Foam
    ? A soft Knitted fabric improves elasticity and promotes lying comfort enabling it to compensate for pressure point relief allowing the material to easily mould to the contours of your body. It is a Strong and Durable fabric, highly breathable for reduced surface temperature.
    6. High Density Foam Edge Support
    ? The edge is encased in a High Density foam layer to maximize the sleep surface and helps prevent sagging edges.

    1. 20 Year Service Warranty
    2. 2 Year Guarantee
    1. Slatted Pine Base
    2. Double Walled Card Board
    3. 5mm Foam Protection
    4. Upholstered to Match Mattress
    Weight Guideline: 120kgs per Person