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    1. Multi Layer Orthopedic Foam Mattress
    ? High Density reconstituted foam core for ultimate weight and spine support
    ? Highest Quality Luxurious Class 30/16 Density Foam Comfort Layer
    ? Provides a Medium Firm level of comfort and enhances blood circulation.
    ? Promotes pressure point relief and conforms to the contour of your body.
    2. 230MM Thickness
    ? 95kg weight category
    ? Durable allowing even body weight distribution and giving your body maximum support.
    ? Zero movement Transfer
    3. Knitted Fabric Quilted to 270gram Dacron Fiber plus 8mm Class 20/16 Foam
    ? A soft Knitted fabric improves elasticity and promotes lying comfort enabling it to compensate for pressure point relief allowing the material to easily mould to the contours of your body.
    ? A Strong and Durable fabric, highly breathable for reduced surface temperature.
    ? The Dacron fibers have a non-allergenic insulating quality which also promotes the breathability of your mattress and adds to overall comfort.
    1. 15 Year Service Warranty
    2. 2 Year Guarantee
    1. Slatted Pine Base
    2. Double Walled Card Board
    3. 5mm Foam Protection
    4. Upholstered to Match Mattress
    Weight Guideline:
    1. 95kgs per Person